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Vanity Doors

Kitchens and Bathrooms Rock also manufacture a wide range of Vanity doors that are stylish, functional and simple with a 7 year Warranty giving you complete peace of mind, quality and value.

THERMO: Vinyl doors are suitable for any internal joinery including Vanities. Polytec Thermo doors will add character and elegance that will suit any bathroom.

MELAMINE: Doors are durable, hygienic and are easy to clean for years to come. Polytec Melamine doors provide high quality appearance at affordable prices.

Polyurethane Painted Doors: Can allow you access to unlimited array of colours to match your existing colour or your new favorite colour that can give you that ultimate finish. Choose from Full Gloss to a Matt Finish.

All Polytec Thermolaminated doors have a 7 year Warranty to ensure against workmanship and manufacturing defects.